About Me

My Journey So Far 

I find that my life can get pretty fast-paced at times, so I feel it's important to take the time to document my journey along the way. As I reflect on my experiences, I'm filled with gratitude for the special moments in my life, those who have helped paved the way for me, and yes, even the trials and challenges.

As you're reading this, I encourage you to also reflect on your journey in life and write it down. Whether we're strangers, friends or business partners, I hope that this "mini biography" can help us develop a strong foundation of respect for each other. As fellow humans, I believe we can accomplish so much more when we work together in selfless camaraderie. 

Early Life & Childhood

Born n' Raised in Sweltering Hot Las Vegas

As a 90s kid in Las Vegas, I can confidently say that I had a unique and peculiar childhood. The city had a different air to it as I was growing up. The Strip was home to resorts with giant lion-shaped entrances, animatronic dragons, water parks, and plenty of bold and creative attractions. Summerlin was the new kid on the block and Henderson was much smaller. 

Being born in the central part of Vegas, there wasn't much of nature to explore, so I had to get creative. I spent my early childhood lost in my imagination, pretending I was in the dense wildernesses I'd see on TV. I'd channel my inner Steve Irwin, explore my backward in search of "exotic animals", and wrestle with my dogs. I was also a Boy Scout in my teens, which only grew my love for nature and the great outdoors even more.

When I wasn't playing outside, the TV was my next go-to spot. Marvel & DC cartoons, Animal Planet, slasher flicks, or anime were almost always blasting throughout the home.


I'd rather be cruising TBH 🛳️

When there's food or travel involved, chances are that's enough to get me excited. I'm a huge foodie, and I'm always on the hunt to try new cuisines. Whether it's homemade or dining out, if it's delicious, I'm down to try it. 

I love sight-seeing and adventuring. I'm not the biggest fan of long road-trips or being stuck in a plane, but you really can't go wrong if there's a cruise involved.

Health and wellness is also extremely important to me. As a former long-distance runner and martial artist, I strive to maintain a high level of fitness. Something about hitting the gym at night is especially relaxing for me. 

Lesser known fact about me? I love creating art! I love telling stories when painting, drawing, or sculpting. I enjoy expressing myself on the canvas without any rules or constraints to stop my creativity. 

Marriage & Family

Privacy is Sacred 

I find that my most sacred relationships are enjoyed best without the whole world watching. There's a sense of serenity that comes with safekeeping what's nearest to me away from the watchful eye of the internet. 

My wife and I are happily married and keep a very small circle of close friends and family. We're animal lovers and have a beautiful husky who keeps us active and brings lots of joy in the home. 

I believe family goes deeper than blood and I am grateful for those special individuals in my life whom I deem family. 

Career (Marketing)

Marketing: The Backbone of Successful Businesses

My path to becoming a marketing professional was unexpected. I landed a marketing internship during college and I was fairly new to the industry. What I lacked in experience however, I made up for in work ethic. 

I immersed myself fully into the world of marketing and quickly rose through the ranks at the firm I was working for. I worked my way from menial administrative tasks to leading the digital marketing efforts for a national company at the age of 21. I'm beyond grateful to those who saw potential in me and were willing to give me the chance to grow and flourish. 

When the time was right, I decided to start my own marketing firm, Golden Medina Services, right in the heart of Las Vegas. Since launching, I've grown my agency from a team of one into a team of nearly a dozen marketing, design, and media production professionals. I'm also involved in various marketing partnership and ventures.

I love being able to make a difference in the lives of lives of fellow business owners. I take pride in being the best I can be and am constantly working on mastering my craft. 

Acting, Performing, Modeling

From Behind The Scenes to In Front of the Camera

I first started modeling on-and-off in my teens. It was a fun experience and I didn't think much of it as I entered adulthood. That is, until I had a recent paradigm shift in life. 

For years, I've seen social media influencers and content creators all over my feed take off and become big household names. Many of them have also entered the TV, film, and music industry. Having shot and directed social media content for years, I thought to myself: "Why aren't I putting myself out there?"

That's when I decided to take a leap into the entertainment world. I was glad happy to discover that my background in print modeling, as well as my experience in public speaking, complemented extremely well with my pursuits in acting and performing. Being able to toggle back-and-forth between being behind the scenes and in front of the camera has also strengthened my abilities as a commercial producer and director. 

Since starting my vocation as an actor, I've had the pleasure of landing a role in a feature film, as well as multiple commercials and short films. I love the liberating feeling that comes with acting and look forward to nurturing and developing this part of my life even more. 


Selective with my time and energy ⏰

I believe that one's energy should be fully immersed in doing things that are meaningful. I don't like spending my time on things or with people that don't bring value and joy to my life. Loyalty & trust is a must for me. 

I believe in questioning everything and am not much of a conformer. My philosophy is that it's better to spend time developing my skills and inner peace than it is to follow the status-quo. I like to approach life from a logical perspective, but also believe it's important to follow your instincts and allow yourself to think freely. Without fear or hesitation. 

I consider myself friendly and outgoing, but I also value having time to myself. I care for genuine interaction and could really care less about superficial parties and wild nights. 


Give Back & Give Freely

Throughout my life, I have been blessed and uplifted by those who had more and felt a need to give back. From my high school coach who bought me running shoes when I didn't have enough money, to the loving church members who helped me find my faith, to the mentors who inspired me to be more. 

 Today, I strive to do the same for those in need of a helping hand. I especially enjoy volunteering as a young men's leader. Today's youth are indoctrinated by powerful institutions to stop thinking for themselves. To hate their true identities. 

I believe that by helping one youth, just one person, realize their worth and live a good life, the blessings in store are beyond imagination. The domino effect of a love and respect are enough to change the face of the earth, one helping hand at a time. 


Love God, Love Your Neighbor, Love Yourself

I believe we are children of loving Heavenly Parents. I'm a seeker of truth and believe in the divinity and eternal progression of mankind. I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. 

My beliefs go far beyond just fellowship with a church however. It's at the core of who I am. I believe every human being has a light of truth in them, and it's our job to build upon that light and help others do the same. 

I'm an avid researcher and enthusiast of religious practices, theology, history and sociology. I believe that everything that is good comes from God, and therefore, we are to study every good book that leads us closer to exaltation. 

I'm a defender of religious beliefs and enjoy sharing my beliefs with others. Who knows? Maybe I'll write a book or something.