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Strategic Marketing Consulting, without all the nonsense.

Get to Know Me on a Professional Level

Consultant, Partner & Advisor

I help businesses thrive & stay alive. 

My goal is to provide you with actionable marketing strategy. 

Making marketing more human is easier said than done in the digital age. You need an expert that understands content marketing inside and out. 

Why choose me as your marketing partner?

I love taking on new and exciting projects. It's in my blood to crave innovation and discovery. 

I've serviced Inc 5,000 companies, one-man businesses, and everything in between. National, regional, local - you name it. Regardless of the current stage of your business, I'm here to give you the facts and empower you to fulfill your marketing goals. 

Why choose my agency as your outsource marketing team? 

We provide a truly personalized content marketing experience. We're the exact opposite of cookie-cutter content. My team is dynamic, experienced, and absolutely loves what they do. We put in the time & strategy needed to give you something truly unique. We treat our client's business as if it were an extension of our own: with the utmost care and respect. 

Sincerely, Marlon A. Medina

How We Can Work Together

Board Member

As your organization's marketing board member, I help you uncover & resolve challenges impacting your top-line growth. 

As a professional that was born into the age of search engines, I offer a distinct, outspoken perspective coupled with a strong analytical and creative mind. If you're not content with your current collective board members, it's likely that your board is missing a strong marketing voice. According to recent studies, only 2.6% of board members have marketing experience. If you want to go past surface-level discussions regarding your organization's marketing, then bringing a multi-disciplined marketing expert into your board is a given. 

Available for compensatory board memberships only.

Fractional CMO

As your fractional Chief Marketing Officer, I work alongside your organization's executives, as well as your marketing team, in order to execute your marketing initiatives

Here are a few scenarios where companies may need to tap into a fractional CMO: 

Regardless of your current marketing challenges, a fractional CMO can be a cost-effective way to bring value to your organization quickly and without the need for long-term commitment. 

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Hybrid Marketing Director

As your Hybrid Chief Marketing Director, I directly with you, as well as your marketing team, in order to delegate and implement your marketing initiatives. 

Here are several scenarios where businesses may find value in leveraging a hybrid Marketing Director: 

Regardless of your specific marketing challenges, a hybrid Marketing Director presents a cost-effective solution to swiftly bring value to your organization without the commitment of a long-term arrangement.

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On-Demand Consulting

Leveraging personalized, on-demand consulting from a seasoned marketing expert can resolve a wide variety of issues

Here are a few instances where on-demand consults provide tremendous value

As your on-demand marketing consultant, I am here to serve as your go-to knowledge resource for all things digital marketing. 

Outsource Marketing Partner

In an outsourced marketing partnership, my team and I work hands-on in fulfilling your digital marketing needs. 

Did you know? You can still leverage the power of outsource marketing even if you already have an existing internal marketing team. 

Often, internal marketing team members are extremely proficient in one particular area of marketing, but may not have a grasp in other areas. Instead of having your team spend weeks on a course so they can learn an entirely new area of marketing, you can just hire an outsourced agency that's already experienced in that field and start reaping the benefits of their expertise immediately. 

Event Speaker

If you're looking for a dynamic and insightful speaker to at your next event, I'm happy to help. 

As your Event Speaker, I can speak on a number of topics including but not limited to: 

Whether you're hosting an intimate event with 20 attendees or a conference with 200 attendees, my high-energy delivery and personalized message is sure to hit home with your team.